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Bi colour fluorite, also known as banded fluorite or rainbow fluorite, is a beautiful and visually striking variety of the mineral fluorite. Fluorite is a mineral composed primarily of calcium and fluorine, and it forms in a wide range of colors due to impurities present during its formation. Bi colour fluorite, as the name suggests, exhibits two distinct colors within the same crystal, giving it a unique and eye-catching appearance.

The two colors found in bi colour fluorite can be seen in distinct bands, zones, or patterns within the crystal. These colors can vary widely, and common combinations include purple and green, purple and blue, blue and green, and other combinations of various colors. The transitions between the colors are often well-defined, creating a clear contrast between the different hues.

The formation of bi colour fluorite is influenced by the presence of different mineral impurities or trace elements during its growth. For example, the purple color may result from the presence of traces of manganese or other elements, while the green or blue color may be due to traces of rare earth elements or other impurities.

The banded or zoned structure in bi colour fluorite is often a result of changes in the mineral's chemical composition during its formation. These changes can occur due to variations in environmental conditions, such as temperature, pressure, and the availability of different chemical elements in the surrounding rock or fluid.

Bi colour fluorite is highly sought after by collectors and gem enthusiasts due to its unique and mesmerizing appearance. Depending on the quality of the specimen, it can be cut and polished into beautiful gemstones, cabochons, or used as decorative pieces.

In addition to its aesthetic appeal, fluorite has practical applications as well. It is a significant source of fluorine, which is used in various industrial processes and the production of hydrofluoric acid. Additionally, some varieties of fluorite exhibit fluorescence under ultraviolet light, making them popular in the production of fluorescent lamps and other optical devices.

As with any gemstone or mineral specimen, the value of bi colour fluorite is influenced by factors such as color intensity, clarity, size, and overall beauty. It is essential to acquire bi colour fluorite from reputable sources to ensure authenticity and quality. Like other fluorite varieties, bi colour fluorite is relatively soft and should be handled with care to avoid scratches or damage.
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